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If I could work on one podcast for the rest of my life, what would it be? That’s how the idea of Every Single Sci-Fi Film Ever* came to life! ALIVE! Like Frankenstein’s monster. But hopefully with no pitchforks involved. 


I obviously love sci-fi films but my life gets in the way of watching and learning more about them. A lot of that time is spent working on other podcasts or productions. Although I’ve seen a fair few sci-fi films over the years, I’ve definitely missed a lot. At least seven. Although closer to hundreds, if not thousands. With this podcast I get to go on a journey of discovery. The kind of journey I like. (And yes, when I say journey, I am imagining myself in a spaceship. Not a time machine. Time machines are more trouble than you bargain for.)


Each episode plans to put the film I watch into context of the time, society and people it was borne of. I do the research, I find the experts and I bring them to you! And then you all cheer, or chase me with pitchforks. To clarify, I would prefer the former. But alas, sometimes the things we create have unexpected consequences.


I would be thrilled if you would join me on my intergalactic journey. The great thing about this intrepid adventure is that you can take part while sitting on a sofa cosily dressed in your pyjamas. But don’t let me limit you. You could also be wearing your best Klingon regalia or be dressed as a mad scientist. The point is, you can wear what you like. 


The bottom of the shownotes to every episode will give you links to where to find the next film. Every once in a while, we’ll take a break from the studious business of watching science fiction films and speak to some people about their favourite sci-fi film, or discuss a science fiction theme or topic.


I would also really like to hear from you. If you have opinions on the films featured or feedback, you can email me at or leave a voice message for the podcast at




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